Dr. Stephen Safford Wolfson

Dr. Stephen Safford Wolfson

Founder, Neuroscientist and Clinical Psychologist

Dr Wolfson, founder of Neurocog Pty Ltd, and developer of the Neurocog System, was born and grew up in New York City then later moved to Los Angeles, receiving his undergraduate communications degree from USC. Dr Wolfson had careers in media and information technology before earning two masters in clinical psychology and starting his practice in 1999.

Dr Wolfson is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California and a registered clinical psychologist in New Zealand and Australia. He earned his PhD in computational cognitive neuroscience at the University of Auckland. Dr Wolfson pioneered complexity analysis of electroencephalographic signals. He is a published expert on autism and complexity analysis and has been a presenter of his clinical and research work in several countries.

Dr Wolfson developed the Neurocog System, a neurocognitive training protocol as well as the Neurocog mobile application.

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Kids 6+




Group Counselling

Dr. Stephen Wolfson provides group counselling, both online and face to face here in Manly.

Family Group

Discipline, development, education and social skills.

Couples Group

Couples communications, fair fighting, intimacy and conflict de-escalation.

Men’s Group

Health, Life Fulfilment, Career Challenges, Intimacy/Vulnerability, Anger/Self Control.

Women’s Group

Health, Life Fulfilment, Career/Family Challenges, Intimacy/Vulnerability, Frustration/Expression.

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Services Available

Clinical Services

  • Psychological Treatment
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Stress Management
  • Couples Counselling
  • Family Counselling

Non-clinical Services

  • Career development
  • Resiliency Training
  • Parent Training
  • Mediation
  • Consulting

Therapeutic Approaches

Neurocognitive Training



 Play Therapy




Family Therapy


Couples Therapy


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